Rocket Punch Reveal Their Favorite Fashion + Most Cherished Song From ‘YELLOW PUNCH’ Album [INTERVIEW]

Rocket Punch is a colorful girl group that packed a powerful punch since their debut in 2019! Now, these lovely ladies are back with their song “CHIQUITA” and are ready for a final knockout with this new track.

While many of their songs such as “Ring Ring” or “Juicy” show a more playful and energetic tone, the vibrant girl group’s recent comeback reflects their growth and flexibility in musical genres. This time around, “CHIQUITA” reveals a new side of their palette as it vivaciously shows a more chic and powerful side to their music. If you haven’t already, watch members Yeonhee, Juri, Dahyun, Suyun, and Sohee own the stage with this fierce come back and see what makes them so special.

Now that you are hooked, the girls will continue to dazzle and charm their ways into your hearts! Whether you’re already a KTCHEY (the cute and endearing name of their fandom) or ready to become one, everyone will want to check out their fantastic interview below. Let’s learn more about Rocket Punch!

Q1. From Rocket Punch’s debut until now, each release had a unique “punch” color concept (Pink Punch, Red Punch, Blue Punch, etc) what is the purpose of using these colors and what do they represent?

Yunkyoung: “When it comes to yellow, most people think of bright and cute colors! Yellow is said to be the closest color to light! The motif of this album, “YELLOW PUNCH,” is the feeling of walking the runway proudly under the colorful lights, so I think this feeling is better expressed through yellow.”

윤경: 노란색하면 대부분 밝고 귀여운 색! 이라고 떠올리시는데요. 노란색의 빛과 가장 가까운 색이라고 하더라고요! 이번 ‘YELLOW PUNCH’ 앨범이 화려한 조명아래 당당하게 걷는 런웨이를 모티브로 하다보니 노란색으로 표현한 것 같습니다!

Q2. Rocket Punch has many fans in Spanish countries – how do you feel about your international fame and is there anything you want to say to your Spanish fans?

Yeonhee: “First of all, thank you overseas Ketchy and Spanish Ketchy who overcome language barriers in various countries and find and love Rocket Punch in Korea! Thank you so much.❤️ ROCKET PUNCH will always be ready to shine, so please love us! Te amo, me gusta ketchy!~”

Dahyun: “Thank you for liking and supporting us even from afar. I’m so happy about our fans’ overwhelming love and the Spanish fans! Thank you for watching Rocket Punch even though we can’t meet often. I’ll hurry up and meet you. I want to see you all a lot.”

연희: 우선 다양한 나라에서 이렇게 언어의 장벽을 뛰어넘고 한국에있는 로켓펀치를 찾아내 사랑해주시는 해외켓치, 스페인 켓치여러분! 정말 진심으로 감사해요❤️ 로켓펀치는 언제나 빛날 준비 하고있을 테니 많이 사랑해주세요! Te amo, me gusta ketchy!~”

다현: 먼 곳에서도 저희를 좋아해주시고 응원해주신다니,  무 기쁘고 정말 과분한 사랑이라고 생각이 드네요 스페인 팬 분들! 자주 만나지 못하는 상황이여도 로켓펀치 지켜봐 주셔서 감사해요 얼른 만나러 갈게요 많이 보고싶어요.

Q3. Tell us the meaning behind ‘Chiquita’ – what does it represent in the song and do you know the meaning in Spanish?

Suyun: “I heard that “Chiquita” means “Little Girl” in Spanish, but the word is expressed in our song in a more meaningful way. Please listen to “CHIQUITA” and you can see a new side of Rocket Punch with more confident and honest lyrics!”

Dahyun: “The word “Chiquita” is used as an addictive chant in the song. When we first heard the title, we were curious about the meaning of this word, so we searched it right away and found out that it means “Little girl” in Spanish.”

치키타가 스페인어로 작은소녀라는 뜻이라고 들었는데 저희 곡 치키타는 추임새의 의미로 표현이 되었습니다! 당당하고 솔직한 가사로 로켓펀치의 새로운 모습을 보여드릴 수 있는 치키타 많이 들어주세요!

다현: 치키타 라는 단어는 곡에서 중독성 넘치는 추임새를 담아내고 있습니다 저희도 제목을 처음 들었을 때 이 단어가 어떤 의미인지 궁금해서 바로 검색을 해보고 스페인어로 작은 소녀 라는 뜻이라는 걸 알게 되었었던 기억이 있습니다.

Q4. Is there one word you can use to describe your new song?

Yeonhee: “I want to say “Stage.” The song “CHIQUITA” is a stage where everything shines. From lighting, style, to performance, the song gathers all these points that I wonder if there’s another song that suits the stage like “CHIQUITA? Haha~”

Sohee: “Completion/Total. We’re going to show you a strong performance.”

연희: 저는 ‘무대’ 라고 하고싶어요. 치키타 만큼 무대와 잘 어울리는 노래가 있을까 싶을 정도로 화려한 조명, 스타일, 퍼포먼스까지 모든 빛나는 것들이 모이는 곳이 스테이지 거든요.ㅎㅎ

소희: 총 그만큼 강력한 모습을 보여줄 예정입니다.

Q5. Rocket Punch has shown a lot of fresh and fashionable outfits. Are there any particular outfits you enjoyed wearing the most?

Juri: “I like the outfit that we’re wearing for the last dance scene in the MV! I like the dress and the hat.💕

Yunkyoung: “From this album, I like the outfits from the “First View” dance pre-release video the best. It’s a style that we’ve never shown before and all the members like it because it looks so good.”

쥬리: 저는 뮤비의 마지막 군무 때 우리가 입고 있는 의상이 제일 좋아요!!! 원피스가 좋고 모자가 마음에 들어요.💕

윤경: 저는 이번 앨범의 첫 공개 영상이자 안무 선공개 영상인 ‘First view’의 의상을 가장 좋아해요. 이전에 저희가 보여드린 적이 없었던 스타일이고 멤버들 모두가 잘 소화해서 좋아합니다.

Q6. A lot of your songs feature some English lyrics. How do you practice your English or prepare for these lines?

Suyun: “I am studying English mainly to have conversations with foreign fans. When I receive the English lyrics for our songs, I look up what they mean with translators or check dictionaries and then sing!”

Dahyun: “I started studying English recently to communicate with our international fans. I’m learning by myself little by little while watching some lecture videos. I try to express the English lyrics in a cool way by referring to our recording guide.”

수윤: 영어공부는 회화위주로 해외팬분들과 대화할 수 있을만한 문장들을 공부하고 있고 영어가사는 가사지를 받았을 때 무슨 뜻인지 번역기로 찾아보거나 사전 등을 보면서 의미를 알고 노래하고있습니다!

다현: 해외 팬 분들과도 소통을 많이 하기 위해 영어 공부도 최근 들어 시작했는데요 강의 영상들을 보며 조금씩 독학 중입니다. 영어가사는 녹음 가이드를 참고하며 멋있게 표현하려고 노력합니다.

Q7. For new fans of Rocket Punch, is there a song you recommend them to listen to first?

Yeonhee: Lilac and “BIM BAM BUM“ – I thought it was a time when new excitements bloomed in my heart, so I recommended a song that matches this feeling! Rocket Punch’s songs are all good, so please listen to them all, our New Ketchy fans!!”

Suyun: “First of all, our debut song, BIM BAM BUM,” is a song that I want people to listen to even if it’s they are not a part of KETCHY. I think you can listen to it comfortably when you want to listen to it. Our comeback song CHIQUITA is also a song that raises your inner self-esteem, so I hope you listen to it a lot and love it!”

연희: ‘다시, 봄’ – ‘빔밤붐’ 마음속에 새로운 설렘들이 피어나는 시기라고 생각해서 어울리는 노래를 추천했어요! 로켓펀치 노래는 다 좋으니 들어보세요 새로운 켓치들!!

수윤: 우선 저희 데뷔곡인 ‘BIM BAM BUM’은 꼭! 켓치가 아니더라도 꼭 들어주셨으면 하는 곡이기 때문에 노래가 듣고싶을 때 부담스럽지않게 들으실 수 있을 거라 생각합니다! 그리고 이번 컴백 곡 ‘CHIQUITA’도 내적 자존감이 마구 올라가는 곡이기때문에 많이 들어주시고 사랑해주셨으면 좋겠습니다!

Q8. The name “Rocket Punch” makes me think of something fun/ Can each member share their favorite game to play in an arcade?

Yeonhee: “Of course, I really love Tetris, Haha! I often play the game through an app on my phone – so much that I had to delete it because it was too addicting. Haha~”

Yunkyoung: “I don’t go to the arcade often, so I don’t know much about arcade games. But I like playing games on my phone a lot. Like Yeonhee, I enjoy playing Tetris these days.”

연희: 저는 역시 테트리스를 사랑해요ㅋㅋㅋ 핸드폰 어플로도 자주했을 정도로(지금은 너무 많이 해서 잠시 지웠답니당). 윤경: 저는 오락실에 자주 가지 않아서 오락실 게임을 잘 모르는 편이에요.. 하지만 핸드폰으로 하는 게임을 많이 좋아하는데 요즘에는 테트리스를 즐겨하고 있어요.


Q9. Rocket Punch is a group with no assigned members (Dancer, vocalist, etc) – but who do you think is the best dancer in the group and why?

Yunkyoung: “I think it’s Yeonhee and Suyun. Yeonhee is the type to dance neatly, so knowing this, she leads us when we practice as a group! Suyun is good at noticing details and catching key points in the choreography.”

Dahyun“We don’t have a main dancer position. We’re all talented. My personal dance style preference is like Sohee unnie. She is powerful and she masters the details. It’s cool and I think I want to learn from her.”

윤경: 저는 연희 언니랑 수윤이라고 생각해요. 연희 언니는 춤을 깔끔하게 추는 스타일인데 그 점을 살려서 단체 연습을 할 때 저희를 이끌어줘요! 그리고 수윤이는 디테일을 잘 살리고 포인트를 잘 캐치하는 편이에요!

다현: 저희는 메인댄서 포지션이 없이 다 잘하는데요 저의 개인적인 댄스 스타일 취향은 소희언니입니다 언니가 파워풀하면서 깔끔하게 디테일을 소화해내는 점이 멋있고 보면서 배우고 싶다는 생각도 들었습니다.

Q10. Any messages for our readers?

Rocket Punch: “Hello, KETCHY! Rocket Punch is back! Were are so happy to finally show a new performance to KETCHY. We prepared a lot and worked hard, so please look forward to it, and let’s enjoy this album together!”

Rocket Punch: 안녕하세요 켓치들!! 로켓펀치가 돌아왔어요! 드디어 켓치들에게 새로운 무대를 보여드릴 수 있게되어 너무 기쁩니다. 많이 준비하고 노력했으니 기대해주시구, 이번 앨범도 함께 즐겨보자구요!

Don’t forget to watch their charming fan greeting as well~ The girls truly love KETCHY!

Was the interview fun or what? The girls of Rocket Punch continue to knock us dead with their cute charms and powerful songs! Stay tuned for more future updates and interviews like this one and don’t forget to support us and the artists.


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