ONEWE Celebrate 3rd Anniversary With 2nd Concert

K-Pop boy group ONEWE continues to grow and grow as they reminisce over all the years spent with fans for their 3rd anniversary.

Recently, the alternative rock band featuring members Yonghoon, Harin, Kanghyun, Dongmyeong, and CyA took to SNS to share the news of their 3rd anniversary. They released their first digital single “Butterfly, Find a Flower” back in August of 2015 and recently released their song “Montage” and became real sensations this year with their songs “Universe” and “Rain To Be.”

Now, the group has prepared something special for fans in order to honor their success and commemorate their time as artists; an online concert with

ONEWE, the band with a unique and irreplaceable musical identity, successfully finished their second
live concert ‘O! NEW E!volution II’ in February and a total of 150 minutes of concert time was filled with incomparable band performances and colorful stages, proving their outstanding talent as a band.

In May, ONEWE will once again join their fans in the 2022 ONEWE 2nd Live Concert ‘O! NEW E!volution II’ ENCORE to celebrate their 3rd debut anniversary and reveal an unreleased song about “their story.” Expectations are high as ONEWE is known for their extraordinary and heartfelt performances.

If you’re looking forward to spending time with this special group or are a new fan dying to learn and see more of the buys, buy your tickets HERE and mark your calendars – you won’t want to miss this show! Check out their heart-warming fan greeting down below and be sure to check out hello82 for more information and the group’s official Instagram!


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