The Girls of bugAboo Put The ‘POP’ in K-Pop With Latest Comeback

With most anticipation, the girls of bugAboo burst into the scene with their new title track “POP” from their 2nd mini-album of the same name.

What makes this comeback even more eye-catching is the amount of energy put into the choreography! With the lyrics expressing the feeling of popping like candy, “POP” has an addictive beat that mixes well with bugAboo’s charming and confident vocals.

Highlighted by a girl-crush vibe, the key choreography was created with Harimu, a dancer from MNET’s popular dance competition program ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ and 1Million Dance Studio. Harimu’s choreography elevates the group’s dynamic and powerful energy to match that of the track. Just like its lyrics, bugAboo will have you popping like “the sweet firework” on the dance floor (or your living room!).

Check out this funky-pop track and vibrant MV down below!

Along with “POP,” this single album also includes a b-side track, “Easy Move” which we listened to and couldn’t resist its groovy beat and immediately catchy chorus. Sometimes b-sides can be even better than the title track – but bugAboo made sure both of their comeback songs are absolute bangers worth adding to your K-Pop playlist! Perhaps, the girls can be your next addiction in your Spotify playlist? We love a good K-Pop Spotify playlist!

Spotify Rebrands With K-Pop On! (온) + New Playlist Feature Content

The group’s unique vocals have enhanced the dynamic changes in both of their tracks. Which song did you enjoy from their ‘POP’ single album?

Don’t forget to follow the girls on social media and see them start a trend on TikTok too!

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6-member K-Pop girl group bugAboo debuted in October 2021 with members: CHOYEON, EUNCHAE, YOONA, RAINIE, CYAN, and ZIN. Each member comes from a diverse background (S.Korea, Japan, and Taiwan) as they come together to make music that can be enjoyed and appreciated globally.

Their self-titled debut track “bugAboo” music video has surpassed 10 million views in a week and has gathered the attention of international K-pop fans. Their official TikTok account has also recorded more than 180 million within one month since the group’s debut.

Members of bugAboo have been sharing their talent as all-rounder idols. Leader CHOYEON released various song cover videos such as “I Love You 3000” and “All About You”, and member ZIN also shared her talent with fans by covering songs on V Live. For their 200th day debut anniversary, the group covered Ariana Grande’s “The Way” and impressed their fans with their strong vocal and rap skills. See for yourself on their showcase stage!

We hope you become a fan of bugAboo if you haven’t already! Stay tuned for more news and updates about the girls and your favorite idols. 


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