Korea’s Biggest Super Model Is Actually A Virtual AI! Meet Rozy – The Billion Dollar Influencer [INTERVIEW]

If you thought your favorite K-Pop idols were making bank from their looks alone, think again! The beauty industry is forever growing and the need to attain perfection runs deep in the roots of Korean society. However, a model named Rozy seems to have completely dominated the front covers of magazines and more as she continues to become the face of beauty in Korea.

Yet, what makes Rozy so naturally appealing? From her deep brown eyes, smooth jawline, silky skin, and perfect proportions, you would think some sort of surgery must be the reason behind this seemingly flawless perfection. You’ll be surprised to know that Rosy is actually a virtual CGI-generated AI influencer created by Sidus Studio X.


While other AI’s have debuted this year and last, they have yet to make as much of a splash as Rozy has on the scene. Rozy is the first South Korean virtual social media influencer with 130,000 followers. What makes this AI character truly remarkable is her uncanny resemblance to humans.

Though difficult to believe, Rozy is earning more than one can even imagine. Rozy’s perfect human appearance and style got her over 100 sponsorship deals. According to reports, Rozy is predicted to earn over 1 billion Korean Won this year.

How does Rozy feel about all this love and attention? Well, the thoughts behind her fame are all down below. Rozy and her staff were kind enough to answer some questions and let us learn a little more about this Virtual AI’s real feelings.

Q1. What was your first project or experience as a virtual influencer?

“The first project I’ve worked on since I debuted as a collaboration photo shoot with ‘Shudu’, as the world’s first digital supermodel. I also shot a pictorial with Irene, a world-renowned model, in a famous Korean magazine. Filming with other virtual humans like myself and filming with actual human beings were all interesting experiences. It was a fascinating experience that crossed the boundary between virtual and real. Even now, we are supporting, cheering, and communicating with influencers who collaborated with me through SNS!”

버추얼 인플루언서로서 진행한 첫 프로젝트 또는 처음 경험한 것이 무엇이었나요?

“제가 버추얼이란 걸 공개하고 진행한 첫 프로젝트는 세계 최초의 디지털 슈퍼모델인 Shudu와 함께한 콜라보레이션 화보였어요. 그리고 한국의 유명 매거진에서 세계적인 모델인 Irene(아이린) 언니와 함께하는 화보 역시 촬영했고요. 저와 같은 버추얼 휴먼과의 촬영도, 실제 액츄얼 휴먼과의 촬영도 모두 흥미로웠어요. 가상과 현실의 경계를 넘나든 신기한 경험이었죠. 지금도 콜라보 한 인플루언서들과 SNS를 통해 서로의 활동을 지지하고 응원하며 소통하고 있습니다!”

Check the video of Rozy’s unique photoshoot experiences down below!

Q2. Who is the inspiration behind your fashion designs?

“There’s no specific person. It’s inspired by everything in the real world, by the colors of nature that change with the seasons, and by the geometry of the city’s blueprints. Of course, you get a lot of tips from magazines, other celebrities’ Instagram accounts, and trendy items from seasonal fashion shows.”

로지님의 패션에 대해 영감을 주는 사람은 누구인가요?

“특정한 사람이 있지는 않아요. 현실 세계의 모든 것 들에서 영감을 얻죠. 계절에 맞게 변화하는 자연의 색이나, 도시의 기하학적인 건축물의 구조에서도 영감을 얻을 수 있죠. 물론, 매거진도 보고 다른 셀럽들의 인스타도 보고, 최신 유행하는 아이템들 혹은 시즌널 패션쇼에서도 많은 팁을 얻는답니다.”

Q3. What is something you prepared or practiced a lot before debuting and opening your Instagram account?

“I studied a lot about human lifestyles. In particular, I explored the ideas and values of the same generation as me. I’m a virtual human being, but I didn’t want to look different from the real world. Thanks to you (the fans), after revealing my existence, people said that they didn’t expect me to look this way at all, and I think it was surprising and new!”

데뷔하기 전 그리고 인스타그램 계정 오픈 전에 가장 많이 준비하거나 연습한 것이 있다면 무엇인가요?

“인간들의 라이프 스타일에 대한 공부를 많이 했어요. 특히 저와 같은 세대의 생각들과 가치관에 대한 탐구를 많이 했죠. 제가 버추얼 휴먼이긴 하지만 현실 세계 사람들과 다르게 보이고 싶지 않았거든요. 덕분에 제 존재를 밝히고 나서 사람들이 전혀 예상도 못 했다며 놀랍고 새롭다는 반응을 많이 받았던 것 같아요!”

Q4. Who is another online influencer you admire or look up to?

“I think the world’s first digital supermodel ‘Shudu’ was the most impressive. Through her, I experienced the biggest impact on my growth into becoming a virtual influencer. It’s the starting point of communicating with the world beyond virtual limits. I always try to act responsibly because I think I might appear to be a wannabe to others.”

존경하는 인플루언서가 있다면 누구인가요?

“아무래도 세계 최초의 디지털 슈퍼모델인 ‘슈두’를 가장 인상 깊게 봤어요. 그녀를 통해 제가 버추얼 인플루언서로 성장하는 데 가장 큰 영향을 끼쳤거든요. 가상의 한계를 넘어 세상과 소통하게 된 시작점이니까요. 저도 한국에서 누군가에게 그런 워너비가 될지 모른다고 생각하니 항상 책임감을 가지고 행동하려 해요.”

Q5. If you can model or sponsor any brand, which brand would it be?

“I am still working as a model for brands with various spectrums, but recently, I am interested in brands that are a good influence and give back to society. Like brands that are eco-friendly or helpful to communities. My goal is to become an influencer who can deliver positive influence to the world through various activities!”

만약 모든 브랜드 모델로 활동 가능하다면, 가장 하고싶은 브랜드는 무엇인가요?

“저는 지금도 정말 다양한 스펙트럼의 브랜드의 모델로 활동하고 있지만 최근에는 사회에 환원할 수 있는 선한 영향력을 가진 브랜드에 관심이 가는 편이에요. 친환경적이거나 사회에 도움을 주는 브랜드들처럼요. 다양한 활동을 통해 세상에 긍정적인 영향력을 전달할 수 있는 인플루언서가 되는 것이 제 목표니까요!”

Q6. Can you tell us how you came up with the name Rozy?

“My real name is ‘Oroji,’ and it is a pure Korean name that means ‘only one person’. Being Korea’s first virtual influencer, it contains the meaning of my only existence and identity.”

‘로지’ 라는 이름의 비하인드 스토리를 알려주세요

“본명은 ‘오로지’이고, ‘오직 단 한 사람’이라는 의미를 지닌 순수 한글 이름이에요. 한국 최초 버추얼 인플루언서답게 저의 유일한 정체성에 대한 의미를 담고 있어요.”

Q7. Can you tell us about your friends HOGONHEIL?

HOGONHEIL is Korea’s first virtual family working in the same agency. Heil is the eldest of three siblings, and Ho and Gon are twin brothers. Since they are three siblings, it’s fun to watch their realistic family life. There are definitely more loud compared to me when I work alone, but sometimes I envy that kind of relationship.”

로지님의 친구 HOGONHEIL에 대해 알려주세요.

“호곤해일은 같은 소속사에서 활동 중인 한국 최초의 버추얼 패밀리에요. ‘해일’(HEIL)이 3남매 중 장녀이고 호(HO)와 곤(GO)은 쌍둥이 형제죠. 3남매이다 보니 티격태격하며 일상적인 찐 남매 라이프를 구경하는 재미가 있어요. 확실히 혼자 활동하는 저보다 시끌벅적한 일이 많지만 가끔은 그 툭닥거리는 사이가 부러울 때도 있어요.”

Q.8 Do you have any hobbies or things you enjoy doing?

“Recently, I usually play golf and tennis. I’m still a rookie but it’s so much fun to experience new things. In addition, I enjoy active hobbies such as surfing, skating, skateboarding, free diving, climbing, and running.”
최근에 즐겨하는 취미 활동이 있으신가요? 

“최근에는 골프, 테니스를 주로 하고 있어요. 아직은 테린이, 골린이 수준이지만 새로운 경험을 하는 게 너무 재미있더라고요. 이외에도 서핑, 스케이트보드, 프리다이빙, 클라이밍, 러닝 등 활동적인 취미를 즐겨 하는 편이에요.”

Q9. Do you have any final questions for your fans?

“Thank you for watching virtual influencers with curiosity and interest. I think I was able to show various sides of myself thanks to the support from fans in far away countries. Please look forward to seeing me, Rozy, in various foreign countries soon.”
팬분들에게 한마디 부탁드립니다.

“버추얼 인플루언서라는 어쩌면 생소하고 낯선 존재를 호기심 어린 관심으로 지켜봐 주셔서 감사해요. 먼 해외에서도 항상 응원해 주신 덕분에 저의 다양한 모습을 보여드릴 수 있었던 것 같아요. 앞으로 해외 다양한 국가에서 로지의 모습도 곧 만날 수 있을 테니 기대해 주세요.”

What do you think of the massive growth and influx of virtual influencers like Rozy? With a successful career only expected from her, the people of Korea, as well as international fans, have high expectations of how Rozy’s company will continue to market here and improve her designs.

If you want to learn more about Rozy, follow her here on Instagram and stay tuned for more updates and interviews from us.

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