VERIVERY Impersonate Dragon Ball Z Characters + Reveal Who Has The Most Aegyo [INTERVIEW]

The seven charming boys of VERIVERY promoted their track ‘Undercover’ diligently during the promotions of their latest and first full album ‘SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 3 : WHOLE].’ Now, it seems the hype over their music has yet to cease.

Although the group has a series of mini-albums that follow a correlating theme for each release, VERIVERY‘s latest album’s concept is about co-existing with darkness and their MV features splendidly chaotic energy that makes the visuals more impactful and well-paired with the track’s funky instrumentals and amped chorus. Watch their title track MV below and see what makes the boys so captivating.

Quite the entertaining song, huh? Not only is “Undercover” a uniquely composed track but each of the VERIVERY members’ has a unique and attractive personality that shines even when they are off stage. Dongheon, Hoyoung, MinchanGyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung, and Kangmin met with us and enjoyed the chance to not only share their personal thoughts about their comeback but also reveal more of themselves through our ‘VERIVERY Difficult Challenge’ interview! 

Although the interview wasn’t filled with mind-boggling, overwhelmingly energy-exhausting challenges, there are plenty of fun, quirky moments that are guaranteed to make new and familiar fans alike bust out laughing. Haven’t you ever wondered who has the most aegyo among the boys or which song they recommend fans enjoy the most from their albums? Without a doubt, the one challenge you won’t want to miss is their attempt at doing a ‘KAMEHAMEHA’ and impersonating Dragon Ball Z characters!

Enough reading – check out the exclusive interview down below!

Throughout the interview, VERIVERY was all smiles. They love many tracks on the album but particularly felt proud of their title track “Undercover” from ‘The ‘SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 3 : WHOLE],’ and enjoyed singing it live in the studio.

When asked about their boxing concept for the album’s promotional photos, the members expressed how they wanted a strong appearance. To match the theme, we curiously asked which of the members have any experience in sports or martial arts. To our surprise, some members seem to be well-versed physically as Yongseung holds a third-degree black belt and Yeonho holds a second-degree in Kumdo – a traditional Korean martial art. No wonder they always look so strong and cool in all their MVs.

All the members enjoyed choosing their favorite ‘Dragon Ball Z’ characters and reminiscing on their childhood and personal favorites. Dongheon has a personal story as to why he chose Vegeta and Gyehyeon reveals he was always a big fan of Gohan!

In the end, when it comes to demonstrating how to knockout fans with endless amounts of aegyo, member Kangmin takes the cake! His dorky but peppy aegyo blast kept us laughing for days and if you watch the interview, you will be in love with just how adorable Kangmin is!

So, what did you think of the fun ‘VERIVERY Difficult Challenge’ interview with VERIVERY? Is there something you enjoyed learning the most about the group? Don’t forget to support them by watching their MVs, follow VERIVERY on social media, and stay tuned for more K-Pop idol interviews with us!


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