How Do International Artists Like Calixte Contribute To The Success of K-Pop?[INTERVIEW]

K-Pop, without a doubt, has become a worldwide phenomenon with sensational groups like BTS being household names and social media giants. However, K-Pop’s formula for success does include some help from overseas as well.

Haitian/American Multi-Platinum Calixte is a prime example of people who help in the production process of some of our favorite songs. Other talents we have interviewed include David Ambers and Melanie Fontana who have helped groups like Rocket Punch or BTS produced addictive tracks and more.

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Like the others mentioned above, Calixte, represented by talent management 400 Dayze, is a Billboard #1 charting singer-songwriter, producer, and top 10 charting recording artist and entertainer working, with familiar names such as Kublai Kwon and Julius “Just” Garcia, who brings forth a new vibration to music. Through lyrics, rhythm, and electric tone Calixte sets a rocking atmosphere that is electrifying and daring – and he isn’t hesitant in sharing this unique music chemistry with our favorite K-Pop idols like NCT 127!

NCT 127 had recently released their 3rd full-album ‘Glitch Mode’ and Calixte participated on the title track “Sticker.” Check out the amazing video as well as our interview with Calixte about his process and time working with the remarkable boys of NCT 127 below!

Q1. What was it like to work on a song with NCT127? What was the process like for helping in the production of ‘Sticker?’

Calixte: “Working on this song was amazing. I loved working with Jointz and Prince Chapelle and I knew when we made this song, that it was something special. The process of making “Sticker” was very organic. Originally, it was a song I did for my project when I was shopping for a deal, Dem Jointz heard potential in the song too and decided to send it to the group and Young Jin Yoo, Mark and Tae Yong Lee added their sauce on to the track by adding the rap verses and additional production. It was like a perfect combination of creatives.”

Q2. When composing songs, what do you think is the most important part of making music for foreign artists singing in another language?

Calixte: “I think when composing any song the most important thing is the melody and the vibration it resonates. I feel like the melody is the universal language amongst humans because we connect by sound and tones.”

Q3. What do you think of K-Pop and successful artists like BTS?

Calixte: “I love K-pop, from the artistic vision to the musical composition – its a very bold sound and I love music that is in your face. I think K-pop is really growing and I really love learning about new cultures. They are real artists and I am amazed by their professionalism.”

Q4. Which K-Pop group or kind of K-Pop song genre do you want to work on next?

Calixte: “I really like NCT. I think they are all ground-breaking and all have something different to bring to the table, I really like CL, too, and I would like to work with her along with the members of Black Pink, BTS, STAYC, and bugAboo. I really like working on experimental sounding records – I like the excitement.”

Q5. Is there a K-Pop group or K-Pop song you enjoy listening to lately?

Calixte: “Yes! I love listening to Super M, Nct1 27, BTS, and Lisa of Black Pink.

It is amazing to see so many international artists and talents taking a large interest in K-Pop just like us fans! Who knows what these artists will cook up next! Perhaps Calixte’s dreams will come true and he, alongside other wonderful writers, can create beautiful masterpieces with our favorite idols.

If you want to learn more about Calixte and other famous international songwriters, check out their profiles below.

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“With Infectious melodies, electrifying lyrics, and a rawness in style, Calixte brings energy and a dynamic that the soul can connect to. 
 Charting in over 9 countries with 10 million + streams, the unique voice of Calixte brings to the track an incredible vibe, characterized by a style fueled by adrenaline, energy, and raw emotion. Calixte has been featured in several Apple Music and Spotify editorial playlists, Billboard, Forbes, Teen Vogue, and in the Beatport Top 10 Dance chart. Alongside his label and management company 400 Dayze, founded by Kublai Kwon and associated with Joy Ruckus Club, Calixte worked with the likes of Daryl Hall & John Oates, Will Smith, Capital Records, Sia, Dem Jointz, NCT 127 “Sticker” title track, Roc Nation, Jason Derulo and many more
Learn more about him here:”
400 Dayze is the label and management company founded and managed by Kublai Kwon and Julius Garcia who were masters behind the largest online K-Pop concerts during the pandemic and connecting artists on international platforms. Alongside various singer-songwriters, the company continues to spread its influential reach and further the promotions and global connectivity of Korean music.

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