Become A K-Pop Idol With MNET’s ‘Boys’ Planet’ Auditions At KCON (+Online Audition Info)

The road to becoming a K-Pop idol has gotten much easier due to the growth in interest, the surge of online content, and international recognition of the K-Pop music genre.

Now, KCON has announced the chance of a lifetime for fans attending KCON LA. Leading entertainment company CJ ENM’s music channel, Mnet, announced its upcoming global K-pop boyband project “Boys Planet” which will launch the next biggest boyband.

Previously, Mnet debuted girl group Kep1er from the K-pop girl group debut project “Girls’ Planet 999” which seemed out talented trainees and artists in Asia. “Girls Planet 999” was broadcasted across the globe and was a worldwide success with votes that came in from more than 175 regions. The cumulative number of votes reached more than 100 million, the highest number of votes in audition program history, and the final episode attracted more than 200K viewers.

This time, “Boys Planet” will go beyond Asia and look for talent from around the globe. Mnet aims to create a global K-pop boy group that will lead the next generation of K-pop. Finalists that are chosen by the global audience will be promised their debut in 2023.

“Boys Planet” is currently accepting applications for auditions. Any male born before January 1, 2010 can apply regardless of nationality or residence. Individual trainees, trainees affiliated with a company, or artists who have already debuted are all eligible to apply. Candidates need to fill out the application form and submit three videos according to the guidelines specified. For more information on eligibility and the application process, please visit the official site

The “Boys Planet” team and WAKEONE Entertainment will be holding in-person auditions during KCON 2022 LA, the world’s No.1 K-culture festival, set to run from August 19th through the 21st at the Los Angeles Convention Center and Arena. Anyone can register on-site during the three days at the ‘Global Audition Booth’ in the LA Convention Center during KCON 2022 LA.

Stay tuned for “Boys Planet” and the promising artists who will become the NEXT global K-pop boyband.


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