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No One Can Travel Without These K-Beauty Products

Got somewhere to be? Well don’t even think about leaving the house without these amazing Korean beauty products! While Korea is leading the way when it comes to the beauty guru market, KOS Allure is […]

How & Why Korean Men Use Makeup

Looking and feeling good isn’t something that is just for women. In South Korea, men play a huge role in sales within the makeup industry as they often use various makeup products. For Korean men, […]

The Weirdest K-Pop Merchandise You Can Buy On Amazon

We all love shopping on Amazon, especially when they are offering some phenomenal K-Pop items! However, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen some of these weird AF K-Pop items on Amazon. Please note – this […]

LissCode – Reinventing Korean Beauty

Korean beauty is already dominating the American market day by day, so for those who are well-informed of all the brands and products, you might wonder how it could be reinvented and become any better?  […]

Kos Allure: The Mother of K-Beauty

Shopping online for Korean beauty products can be quite the trial and error for newbies. For those with experience, we crave something innovative and beyond the obvious brands – but how can we satisfy our […]