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Eddi is a K-Pop fan first and everything else second! Reporter, Writer, Publicist, and Content Creator working in Korean media since 2013, Edward lives in Korea promoting Korean content (majority of K-Pop) and pursues broadcasting projects and public relations. He is a Web show host for MuBeat TV.

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To put it simply, Hello Entertainment is Eddi’s home to all things imaginable.

As a writer for top sites such as allkpop and Kpopstarz, Eddi has worked alongside K-Pop idols since 2013 and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. His work ranges from interviewing K-Pop artists, speaking at KCON, creating articles with more than 2 Million+ views, reviewing K-Pop songs, albums and dramas, alongside critiquing Korean cuisine in various restaurants and sharing K-culture through the media.


For audiences: This site produces engaging orignial content which is easy to digest, entertaining, informative and acclimated to the specific consumer market. Although centered on Korean content, all of Asia is at our fingertips!

For companies and clients: This site offers various outreach through Eddi’s skills while adding life and charm to already unique and distinct brand concepts. Connect with Eddi and receive a new form of exposure in today’s news. From connecting businesses and idols with other outlets, PR, influencers and marketers to creating videos, photography, or articles from scratch – original content is an e-mail away~

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