This K-Pop Idol Openly Supported LGBT+ Fans During Virtual Fan- Signing

Although pride month was alive and well in June, it is never too late to show your support and love yourself and others each day! With courage in mind, that is exactly what one idol expressed during a live Fan-Signing event.

tenNCT’s WayV member Ten had showcased his love and support for the LGBTQIA+ community during a live Fan-Sign held with global fans. The up-close and personal experience (as much as it could be with co-vid in mind) had quickly turned into a moment of purity and appreciation after a fan had the chance to ask Ten a question.

The fan shyly asked, “I was wondering, if you have like, any messages to your LGBT fans?” To which Ten responded with, Oh! Um, I want you to be yourself, love, we are the same, we are all humans, we’re the same. So love yourself, don’t try to change yourself, just be you and that’s enough. If you’re happy with yourself…, that’s like everything, if you’re happy with yourself, that’s enough.” (AWW!) Check out/Click the video below!

With that, the endearing fan smiled and laughed, and Ten couldn’t help but do the same! Fans across the globe were completely moved by Ten’s thoughtful words. They also took to Twitter to share this portion o the video meeting alongside their thoughts commending the idol’s words.

“The way ten really openly supports lgbt+ people and is courageous enough to do it even though he knows that he will get backlash……. I am beyond grateful”

“yes I teared up slightly at ten’s message for his lgbt fans YES I love him”



Not only did Ten Have the courage to express his views online for all to see but he also conveyed support in a wholesome, authentic way. It is clear you can see he cares for people and does not label them as just fans or anything else.

What do you think of Ten’s response to his fans? Share your love and support in the comments below and do not forget to remind your LGBTQIA+ friends how special they are by showing them this story!


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