KCON:TACT Season 2 Lineup + Membership Details

KCON:TACT is flooding the headlines and bombarding our screens as they are making it clear that this 2nd Season will be the king of all virtual concerts!

Just a few days ago, KCON:TACT revealed not only their line up but also how they are making newer changes to these newly desired virtual concerts. Now, we can expect to see more and more idols bundled into this K-Pop monster of a concert! Check out the latest additions below! Don’t forget to also check out MEMBERSHIP information and figure out how much KCON:TACT actually costs so you can enjoy it! Expect a how-to-guide coming soon ~ 🙂

KCON revealed A.C.E, EVERGLOW, JO1, KIM WOO SEOK, LEE EUN SANG, ONF, THE BOYZ, and WOODZ (CHO SEUNG YOUN) as the next batch to join the stage~

Membership opens on September 29th. Fans can join either KCON Official YouTube channel or Mnet K-Pop channel. Membership price includes two tiers: Basic will be $19.99 and Plus will be $24.99. The Plus tier offers FanPick Cam, which gives fans multiple stream feeds they can choose to watch, and is only available on the KCON Official channel.

KCON is again teaming up with YouTube to broadcast KCON:TACT season 2. The entire program will be streamed exclusively on Mnet K-Pop (www.youtube.com/mnet) and KCON official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/kcon) globally with English subtitles. All interactive elements, including direct artist communication, will be available only through the YouTube platform for members.

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