Hyolyn Reflects On Success As A Soloist + Headlining For Joy Ruckus Club [INTERVIEW]

As you may already know, Hyolyn, the main vocalist of SISTAR, is currently headlining Joy Ruckus Club’s FREE virtual Lunar New Year Concert. Now, Hyolyn took the time to share her thoughts and emotions about her upcoming stages as well as her life as a solo artist. 


To start, Hyolyn, alongside many other familiar artists, prepared a worth-while stage for the remainder of February alongside Joy Ruckus Club. Starting since February 16th until the 21st of the month, the FREE ADMISSION concert is expected to keep fans entertained and craving more! Click the links for more information on the upcoming stages, dates, and lineups!

Hyolyn already showcased her amazing talent on stage and shined like a star brighter on the night of the Lunar New Year. Hyolyn shared her thoughts on performing as well as how her career path as taken her since her debut with her company Brid3.

Question 1. How does it feel to headline for Joy Ruckus Club? Is there something special you prepared for the stage?

Joy Ruckus Club의 헤드라이너가 된 기분은 어떻습니까? 이 공연을 위해 특별히 준비한 것이 있나요?

JRC Dragon Stage flyer final 2

“I was so thankful and happy to see my name on the headliner of the Joy Ruckus Club virtual Lunar New Year Concert. Now I can meet my fans. I want to make good memories with fans in Korea and abroad by singing my songs to comfort them and be comforted by them. I’ve posted a lot of cover songs on YouTube recently, but through this concert, I’m going to sing more of my songs. I’m preparing a lot to show fans!”

“헤드라이너에 있는 제 이름을 보고 너무 감사하고 좋았어요. Joy Ruckus Club을 통해 지금은 만날 수 없는 국내/해외 팬분들과 좋은 추억을 만들고, 제 노래를 들려드리면서 위로해드리고 저도 위로받고 싶었어요! 최근에 YouTube를 통해 Cover곡을 많이 들려 드렸었는데, 이번 공연을 통해서 제 노래를 더 많이 들려드리려고 준비 중입니다!”

Question 2. How is the growth of your entertainment company Brid3? Have you considered taking on new artists or will you continue to grow on your own?

Bridʒ는 어떻게 회사를 관리하고 있습니까? 새로운 아티스트를 맡는 것을 고려해 본 적이 있나요 아니면 계속해서 자신만의 음악을 만들 건가요?

“Everyone at Brid3 is working hard to create better new music. If I have a chance, I would like to work with newer artists and together be even bigger and better.” 

“Bridʒ 모두가 다양한 크리에이터 분들과의 작업을 위해, 그리고 더 좋은 음악을 들려드리기 위해 함께 노력하고 있습니다. 기회가 된다면 새로운 아티스트 분들과 브리지에서 함께 하고픈 생각이 커요!”

Question 3. What was your most difficult time as a solo artist after SISTAR.

씨스타 탈퇴해체 후 솔로로서 가장 힘들었던 일은 무엇인가요?

“I think it was hard to learn and do things that I’ve never experienced before without my members. So
I’ve had a lot of time to experience, learn, and grow, and I’ve been able to do this on my own.
I think it was hard to do it alone though.”

“제가 한 번도 경험해보지 못 한 것들을 혼자 해내고 배워가는 과정이 조금 힘들었던 것 같아요. 그래서 계속 경험하고, 배우고, 제가 더 성장해 나갈 수 있는 시간들이 많았는데, 이 과정들을 멤버들 없이 오로지 혼자서 해내야 하는 게 힘들었던 것 같아요.”

Question 4.  When was your most successful moment as a singer? 

가수 생활에서 가장 성공적이었다고 느낀 순간은 언제였나요?

“I think as a singer, I was the most successful when I was in a group. However, the most successful moment for myself was the moment I challenged myself to do what I wanted to do as a solo artist and all I wanted to do with music and dance. I also felt successful like that when I released the songs I made into the world and I prepared for my first solo concert and world tour.” 

“제가 ‘가수’로 가장 성공적이었다고 생각하는 때는 아무래도 그룹 활동을 했을 때 같습니다.’ 제 자신’에게 가장 성공적인 순간은 제가 도전하고 싶었던 것들을 도전하고, 그 모습을 음악과 춤으로 보여드렸을 때와, 제가 만든 노래가 세상에 나오고, 그것들을 모아 첫 단독 콘서트와 월드투어를 했을 때 같네요.”

Question 5. You were chosen as the voice of Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go.” How did it feel to sing such a special and phenomenal song?

디즈니 한국판 겨울왕국의 ‘렛잇고’의 목소리였습니다. 이 놀라운 노래를 부른 기분이 어땠나요?

“I was so grateful to have the opportunity to sing Disney’s songs which I love so much! The moment I sang it, I felt like I became Elsa. Especially when winter comes to Korea, many people sing ‘Let It Go.’ I’m thankful for everyone wanting to listen to ‘Let It Go’ every time.”

“평소에 너무 좋아하는 디즈니의 노래를 부를 수 있는 기회가 생겨서 정말 감사했고, 부르는 순간에는 마치 제가 엘사가 된 것 같은 느낌을 받았습니다. 특히 한국에 겨울이 찾아올 때면, 많은 분들께서 ‘Let It Go’를 듣고 싶어 하셔서 매번 감사하고 기쁩니다.”

Question 6. Is there a style you still want to try and explore as an artist?

아티스트로서 아직 시도하지않은 스타일이 있나요?

“There are still many styles that I want to try and even more I want to show. I want to create more R&B music and also have more powerful performances and songs.”

“아직도 하고 싶은 스타일이, 또 보여드리고 싶은 모습이 너무도 많아요. R&B 음악도 들려 드리고 싶고, 더 강렬한 퍼포먼스의 노래도 들려 드리고 싶어요.”

Question 7. “Dally” is your most popular song to date. What’s your most enjoyable memory of this song?

“Dally”는 가장 인기 있는 노래 중 하나입니다. 이 노래에서 가장 즐거웠던 추억은 무엇인가요?

“‘Dally’ is my favorite song. It’s a song that tells my story, I remember having so much fun while participating in the TopLine composition. When I was making ‘Dally,’ I thought I’d make a song that can show fans my favorite (and signature) Heel Dance. So, from the very beginning, I learned the choreography well, prepared costumes, and worked really hard alongside Bridg3 to make it all. The process of making it was really difficult, but it was worth it. It was a project that we successfully completed and most of all, many people love the song and amazing choreography featured in ‘Dally.’ As an artist and director, I was overwhelmed with emotions.”

“Dally 는 제가 가장 애착을 갖고 있는 노래 입니다. 제 이야기를 직접 담은 노래이기도 하고, TopLine 작곡에 참여하면서 너무 즐겁고 재미있었던 기억이 나요. 노래를 만들면서 이 노래에 내가 평소에 좋아하던 Heel Dance를 보여드리고 싶다는 생각으로 춤을 배우고, 의상을 준비하고… 정말 하나부터 열까지 저와 브리지가 함께 만들어낸 곡입니다. 만들어간 과정은 참 고되고 힘들었지만, 그만큼 보람이 있었던 작업이었습니다. 그리고 무엇보다 많은 분들께서 Dally의 노래와 안무를 많이 사랑해 주셔서 아티스트이자 디렉터로서 너무 벅찼습니다.”

Question 8. Is there a Korean or International Artist you want to work with lately? Who and why?

현재 함께 작업하고 싶은 아티스트가 있습니까? 누가 ~ 왜죠?  (한국인 또는 외국인)

“I really enjoy and like the Hip-Hop genre so I want to collaborate with rappers. If I could, I would work together with Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Tyga, and Dababy. “

“제가 힙합 장르를 굉장히 좋아해서 Rapper 분들과 작업해보고 싶은데요. 기회가 닿는다면 Cardi B, Megan thee stallion, Tyga, Dababy와 같이 작업해 보고 싶습니다.”

Question 9. Do you keep in touch with the members of SISTAR? Do you think their will be a reunion stage one day? 

씨스타 멤버들과 계속 연락하고 지내시나요? 재회 무대를 가질 수 있다고 생각하나요?


“Yes, I keep in touch with the members often and we support each other. Someday, I think there will be a stage we can show as members of SISTAR.”

“네. 다들 자주 연락하고 만나면서 서로에게 힘이 되어주고 있습니다. 언젠간 씨스타의 무대를 보여드릴 수 있는 날이 올 거라고 생각해요.”

Question 10: Do you have a message for our wonderful fans and readers?

팬분들과 독자들에게 한마디 해주시겠어요?

“Thank you for listening to my story! During 2020, everyone was going through a really difficult time. But if we can endure it (corona) together, we’ll meet again, looking at each other hearing my music live. I think that day will come soon. I hope everyone will always be healthy, happy and can always support me from afar. Thank you. I’ll try to repay you with better music. I love you all so much!”

“지금까지 제 이야기를 들어주셔서 고맙습니다! 2020년에 이어 모두가 너무도 힘든 시기를 겪고 있지만, 함께 이 시기를 잘 견디면 다시 만나 여러분을 마주하며 제 음악을 라이브로 들려드릴 수 있는 날이 오리라 생각합니다. 항상 모두 건강하고 행복했으면 좋겠고, 멀리서도 늘 응원해 주셔서 감사합니다. 앞으로 더 좋은 음악으로 보답하도록 노력할게요. 모두들 너무 사랑해요!”

Thus concludes the amazing interview with Hyolyn! As you can see, Hyolyn is aspiring to do a lot and continues to put on powerful performances for her fans! As K-Pop continues to grow and become more and more of a worldwide phenomenon, we can expect to see Hyolyn on more amazing stages and hopefully collaborating with some amazing talent in the future! Much luck and love to Hyolyn!

If you’re looking to support Hyolyn in the future even more, be sure to check out her YouTube channel HERE! You can also view her live stage performances at Joy Ruckus Club’s official website! Enjoy and stay tuned for more amazing interviews with other outstanding K-Pop artists in the near future~

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