Fans Wonder If Brave Girl’s ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ Will Be Successful Like ‘Rollin’

The name Brave Girls has just become the words coming out of everyone’s mouth in Korea lately (if it isn’t “Rollin,” that is). Now, the girls who were set to disband found success, made a complete turn around, and now made an official comeback with “Chi Mat Ba Ram!”

What do you think of their fun MV? While the aesthetics are stellar and the song has a very refreshing yet signature sound, fans continued to worry if the girls would be able to live up to the hype, maintain their success and continue to release successful music. However, it seems the worry is all for not as Brave Girl’s Eunji recently posted her amazement on Instagram after viewing the charts! She thanked fans for all the support as the song had already peaked after being released.


Now, the girls announced the will bring viewers behind the scenes of their MV and set on MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interfering.’ Are you excited to see the behind the scenes to their brand new MV? What did you think of the song? Do not forget to show your support and stream the song for Brave Girls! They will begin their live promotions this weekend so stay tuned for live performances too!

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