Sam Kim Excites Fans With New Dance Single

Sam Kim has is an extrordinary singer who is known for his consistency but is garnering more attention for his experimental music and confident personality lately. Though Kim is known for his signature style of R&B and K-pop, his new release will focus on the dance music genre.

Sam Kim’s new single is scheduled to drop in January 2022 and start of the new year with a fresh and uplifting vibe. When discussing the project, Kim statede “I wanted to take on a new challenge writing the song” and added “I hope to put out something fresh for the fans” as he teamed up with DJ/Producer R3HAB to produce the single that is currently underway. In the past, Kim has produced on worked on music with a slew of talent and recently featured with Raisa on “Somday.” 

Fans of the artist have already started buzzing about the soon-to-come new drop. “I’m really thrilled that Sam is working on a dance song,” said one superfan who hosts a K-pop fan club for Kim online. “His distinctive sound is always something myself and the fan community look forward to hearing more of, especially intermixed with genres where we haven’t heard him before.”

More information about the song is expected to be released over the next few months via Kim’s official social media channels and our website. Stay tuned for more official teasers and exclusive interviews for the release of Kim’s exciting new direction in music.


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