K-Rapper Aquinas Surprised Fans With Pictures Of His Boyfriend

The headline may be shocking for some, but this may actually be a defining moment in K-Pop history as this male K-Pop artist shared pictures of himself with his boyfriend on Instagram.

On November 18th at around 10pm KST, ‘Show Me The Money’ participant and rapper Aquinas posted pictures on his Instagram of him and his boyfriend. The photo shows the two affectionately hugging each other in a bar and restaurant, visibly showcasing their charming smiles and happiness with one another. The caption reads “MY BOYFRIEND💖💖” and Aquinas even bravely tagged his boyfriend in the picture.

The photo already reached 10,000 likes and was flooded with only beautiful messages of support and acceptance. Back in July, Aquinas and another former K-Pop idol came out as bisexual. These days, other idols, like Holland who is exclusively gay, are also fully out and sharing not only their personal lives but also their direct support of the LGBTQIA community within Korea. While these idols serve as beacons of hope and representation of the small but vocal community in the still strongly conservative country, Korea has a long way to go before any idols can truly come out as gay and fully maintain their success and image in the entertainment industry. It is one small step but it is a wonderful milestone for rapper Aquinas to accomplish in his life and we wish him nothing but the best as fans continue to shower him with messages of love and support. Aquinas hasn’t commented any further but did share other photos with him and his boyfriend two weeks before officially announcing they were dating.

The post caption translates as, “A happy day,,, now I’m really happy *hehe* 💖💖” and fans are excited to see future posts regarding the relationship. What do you think about his bravery and heart-warming post on Instagram? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and show your support by sharing this article!


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