Are Fans Angry Ed Sheeran Will Perform At The 2021 MAMA Awards?

News of Ed Sheeran performing at this years MAMA awards has created a bit of a buzz among K-Pop fans! While MAMA is a legendary stage for Asian artists to showcase their hits and relish in thier glory after another year of hardwork, are fans welcoming Ed Sheeran to the stage or feeling upset?

MAMA has delivered stellar stages and content for over 12 years, and this year’s global artist to perform at MAMA will be none other than hit English singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran.  In addition to topping the global charts with “Bad Habits” Ed Sheeran is also known to Korean fans for collaborating with BTS for their song “Permission to Dance.”

In the beginning, fans left a variety of comments with mixed responses flooding the forums. Posts such as “This is Asian awards not the Western awards. Stop trying to take attention away from Asian artist you clout. Ridiculous decision,” and “That spot could of been filled by another Asian artist instead. It makes me sick,” made its rounds on the web, but the invitation is for a global artist after all so people are understanding and excited to see Ed Sheeran take the stage.

Supportive fans stated “Western artists have always performed at MAMA… Dua Lipa performed in 2019″ and “BTS and Ed Sheeran have worked together on 1-2 songs already… both are globally popular!” It seems some fans can understand and respective Ed Sheeran’s presence in K-Pop as well as his contributions and popularity in Korea.

With the announcement being made, fans are wondering if other international artists will take the stage and what line up will be announced in the future! Stay tuned for more updates about the lineup and future interviews.

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