DAVII Shares His Feelings For HEIZE+Reveals His December Album Comeback [INTERVIEW]

Singer song-writer DAVII is known for the plethora of songs he has created for K-Pop artists such as HEIZE, Super Junior, and more. Now he is sharing his new album and ready to wow fans with his signature Jazz and R&B styles yet again.

While most producers and song-writers stay behind the scenes and leave the stardom for the idols on stage, DAVII dances to a different beat of is own. Being an active and inspiring individual, DAVII is a triple threat as he sings, creates his own music, and even models some pretty fashionable pieces to boot when he isn’t belting out a jazzy tune!

Just five months ago in June, DAVII swooned us all with his buttery smooth vocals in Latin-inspired track “Don’t Play Me Love” featuring KINO (the lead song for his new album) alongside the moody and synthetically hypnotic sounds of his B-side track “FEVER” with Blue.D. Now, DAVII is continuing to ride the wave and deliver more unforgettable sounds in his new album which is set to release on December 15th and is an extended play of the current tracks he has been sharing on his YouTube (such as “Blue Frog“). DAVII is planning to surprise fans with all of the album’s content very soon.

Now, after exciting his fans left and right, DAVII sat with us to talk about not only the music he produces but also the love and effort he puts into creating his own music that represents his signature style. 

Before beginning, DAVII was already eager to communicate with his fans sayng, “Hello, I am DAVII from Korea. I am a Jazz R&B singer-songwriter from Korea. It is a great moment to do this interview for my fans!” Check out some of the fun questions and get to know the greatness that is DAVII a little more!

Q1. Has anyone said you are a triple threat? You’re good-looking, can sing incredibly well, and produce amazing music! You’re the total package – how does that make you feel?

“All I can say is, I thank God for that.”

Q2. When did you first start getting into composing and creating music? Was there always a natural desire to make music or did something spark your interest?

“I wanted to be a singer when I was in elementary school because it looked cool. I started composing and creating music when I was in high school because I thought I would be happy if I do music for the rest of my life.”


Q3. What was the first song you ever composed and what did the melody sound like? Can you remember the lyrics?

“Yes, I do remember the song I first composed. I actually made a birthday song to my lover at the time. The lyrics start with ‘난 몰랐었죠’ (which means ‘I didn’t know’ in Korean).” Perhaps there was a really deep but sad meaning to this unheard love song!?

Q4. It seems out of all the productions and collaborations, you work with HEIZE the most. What is your relationship with her and what is it like creating music alongside her? 

“She (HEIZE) is a beloved friend of mine. It is always very fun to make music with her.”  Some music that DAVII has created with HEIZE include “She’s Fine,” “No Reason,” and “Dispatch.”


Q5. What is your favorite song you enjoyed composing so far (with any artist or by yourself)? 

“I would say all the songs that I made. I enjoyed composing each and every single one of them and the people I worked with.”

Q6. Is there an artist you’ve made music for and didn’t collaborate with yet?

“Actually, to tell the truth, there are several artists I have made music for, but, I would like to keep it secret… Shhh…”

Q7. Is there a song you ever regretted making or didn’t enjoy the melody once you finished it and listen to it again? 

“Wow. Well, when I think about this I would choose ‘산타를 안믿어 (Don’t Believe in Santa)’ because I think I could make better lyrics to this music.”

Q8. What is a signature sound or instrument you enjoy using in your music when creating instrumentals and melodies?

“There is no signature sound in particular but I do use the piano the most when composing music.”

Q9. If you could, would you ever make music for a video game or a commercial?

“Yes, if I have chance I would like to make music for a video game or a commercial.”

Q10. Is there a song you think new fans should always listen to if they want to learn more about you? 

“Of course,” DAVII excitedly shouted, “NEXT ALBUM!!!!!”

Q11. Any last words for your fans?

“I love you I hope the fans can enjoy my new album which will be coming out soon.
I really am hoping and looking forward to seeing you all!
Thank you!”


There you have it ~ did you enjoy our little chat with DAVII? As mentioned before, the EP of his new album ‘Don’t Play Me Love’ will be released on December 15th and will be a wonderfully collection of the year’s worth of music he has been releasing and teasing at here and there.

Don’t forget to show your support for DAVII’s new album ‘Don’t Play Me Love’ and his future projects by following him on SNS and checking out more of his music on his YouTube! 

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