Rocket Punch Show Their True Colors In ‘YELLOW PUNCH’ Mini-Album

Get ready to see stars as Rocket Punch are finally back after 9 long months! The powerhouse girl group have been teasing fans with the release of “CHIQUITA” from their brand new mini-album ‘YELLOW PUNCH’ and the MV is a one-hit K.O.

Rocket Punch, a six-member girl group consisting of members Yeonhee, Juri, Suyun, Yunkyeong, Sohee, Dahyun, have prepared to greets their global fans today (the 28th) with their 4th mini album ‘YELLOW PUNCH’ with the title track “CHIQUITA” which is now available on various music streaming platforms.


As the fourth series of Rocket Punch’s ‘COLOR COLLECTION,’ ‘YELLOW PUNCH’ is inspired from the fact that yellow is the color that is closest to light. The main idea of the album is a runway- the place where models walk confidently under their own spotlight. Check out their comeback MV down below!

As you can hear, “CHIQUITA” is an uptempo dance tune that mixes 80s disco and euro-dance, with vintage synthesizing and analog instruments. The honest lyrics shows off Rocket Punch’s chic and
confident energy, while also being catchy through an addictive hook.

If you remember their teaser which garnered over 1 Million views, Rocket Punch showcased their upgraded visuals of maintaing both a cool and energetic air while exhibiting their familiar charms at the same time. Rocket Punch’s upgraded performance in ‘YELLOW PUNCH’ is the main point that will make this release their best comeback.

Including “CHIQUITA,” the ‘YELLOW PUNCH’  mini-album contains six songs from different genres; an titled after the album “YELLOW PUNCH,” “In My World,” “Red Balloon” “Yesterday, More than Tomorrow,” and “LOUDER” which reveals Rocket Punch’s vast music spectrum and their musical growth.


What do you think of this stellar groups comeback? Share your thoughts on their MV comeback down below and look forward to a future interview with the artists soon!


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