International Fans Shocked After Hearing The Prices of BTS Concerts In Korea

Despite the issues of Coronavirus rising, many K-Pop acts have began holding concerts and showcases inside and outside of Korea. With TWICE, GHOST9 and BTS making major headlines, fans were stunned to discover the prices of BTS concerts in Korea.

With tickets immediately selling out for the live viewing performance in theaters for the BTS ‘Permission To Dance: ON STAGE SEOUL‘ concert that is set to be held on March 10th, 12th and 13th, fans were particularly shocked by the ticket prices for such a legendary group!

Surprisingly, tickets to attend the most awaited concert of the year are super-duper-CHEAP! For the in-theater and online live viewing, tickets sold at 49,000 KRW (around $40 USD). Over 36,000 ticket were sold almost immediately – despite the limits on the ticket amounts and seating due to Coronavirus and Korea’s social distancing rules. It was noted that CGV officials stated “Our ticketing system became overwhelmed with an influx of orders Thursday morning. It is actually the first time that we have experienced such a system slowdown since the pandemic.”

Here is the best part though- if you thought the live viewing tickets were cheap, wait until you hear how much VIP costs! For a mere 220,000KRW (Rougly $184 USD) you can have full VIP ARMY access to their concert! The VIP tickets include early ticket purchasing and reservations, early-access to the concert and vaccine pass check, stage-front seating, and sound-check performances with on-stage practices from BTS. Due to Coronavirus, things such as hi-touchs, meet & greets, alongside other interactive activities, have been removed. Still, with a VIP purchase you can guarantee you won’t be scammed and purchase fake K-Pop concert tickets and wonder how to watch a BTS concert live online. You’ll be front and center!

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International fans, especially Americans, were quite surprised by the prices. Tickets to international K-Pop concerts are generally inexpensive when compared to other American artists and top acts, but many reflected on the fact that a normal ticket to KCON started at $115.99 with various packages. A Platinum VIP Package to KCON alone was $1,000 USD with Diamond starting at $1,800 in 2019. Granted it did offer a lot of benefits but the price comparisons are jaw-dropping for Korean fans.


The Weverse announcement for members of the BTS Fan Club (ARMY Membership) provided all the details for VIPS and enticed many to try their hands at getting some tickets. However, many know it will be beyond competitive as people will be battling others and clicking their mouses with fury in order to snag a ticket in time for the concert.

What do you think of the prices for these tickets? Are they cheaper than you imagined? Over priced even? Maybe, just right? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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