Meet The First Computer Generated K-Pop Idol

While it seems the future of K-Pop is brighter than ever, it appears that the future is also destined to be a little… interesting! With the power of filters growing and the ever-expanding evolution of technology, virtual idols my be the next big thing!


Recently, a computer-generated male idol was introduced to the public via TikTok under the name of Jung Sae Jin. Born in 2002, in Busan, South Korea, Sae Jin is a multi-talented idol with a smooth, familiar voice and charming visuals.  Without fail, fans on Facebook, Twitter and other K-Pop outlets immediately shared the photos and this new idol seems to be getting more and more viral for good and bad reasons. See a video of Sae Jin down below before you read the comments!

Fans commented saying “For a virtual idol, why does he look so fake?” “He looks like is Cha Eun Woo had plastic surgery,” “He doesn’t look like an idol,” “I have seen similar men on Livestreams and as BJs,” and “This is something an otaku made.” However, some fans felt that the visuals were charming and the effects put into Se Jin’s creation were worth praising. “Sometimes little flaws make him more realistic, why would you be interested in pure perfection?” and “Everyone’s ideals for perfection is completely different. Like any idol, Sae Jin can’t please everyone and he is already getting hate ::eyeroll emoji::…” and so on.

What do you think of this virtual idol? Better than Hatsune Miku? Do you see this being the future of K-Pop or perhaps just an interesting project? Share your thoughts down below!


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