Fans Upset This Former K-Pop Idol Is An 19+ Adult Cam Girl

Recent news of this former K-Pop idol becoming a web-cam girl has shocked fans across the globe – but this isn’t the first idol to have turned to adult content to earn money or different career opportunities.

DIA member Somyi web-cam girl news came to light after fans started posting videos on forums and discussing their feelings towards her new career path. Obviously met with mixed reviews, fans mostly felt sorry for her while others felt shame and disgust towards her leaving a plethora of judgemental comments going back on forth on the topic of how much do K-Pop idols make?” and “what part-time job K-Pop idols have?” and other things they must do to earn money.

K-Pop Idols With Part-Time Jobs – Do K-Pop Idols Make A Lot of Money?

The former K-Pop idol mentioned she makes a lot of money now on Pandatv (a site similar to OnlyFans) and it is more than she did as an idol. Plus, according to fans who follow her broadcasts, based on the gifts and earnings, her revenue is said to be above $100K. Many BJs who continue to be more and more provocative or clad tend to earn more and many noticed the fact that there tends to be a rise of interest in girls who were formerly idols. With that in mind, some fans rushed to Somyi’s defense saying,” You have no idea how much money those BJs make. Do you know how much money another former idol turned Afreeca BJ makes? and “lol She literally makes billions. The more provocative they are, the more they earn.” 


Check out the viral tweet with a video clip of Somyi below! It has already gained 350K views.
Still, fans voiced their opinions saying Somyi is so young, as she is only 21 years old, and “selling her body and dignity for money.” At the same time, many people stated she is wearing sexy clothing that anybody going clubbing would wear and “As long as she is comfortable, not being forced or pressured, and is having fun doing these silly things, then what is wrong?”

Somyi isn’t the only web-cam idol around! Supposedly, Laysha’s Goeun was known for streaming to Chinese fans with sultry dances and revealing clothing – including ones her company produced for her. There are even idols who entered the adult entertainment industry though 19+ videos and indie films such as Viki, the former rapper and leader of Dal Shabet. 

However, despite fans’ reactions, many K-Pop companies are aware that sex sells, so they pressure their female idols often. Still, some companies have even come under fire by fans for filming their lives at an angle that always shows the girls’ legs and managers wouldn’t allow them to film unless they wore shorts, skirts, and had no blankets to cover them. This issue came to light with girl groups like Fanatics. 


With the premise of money being more and more tempting and easier to make through these kinds of broadcasts, should it be considered a norm or even acceptable form of making money or is it truly degrading and worth frowning upon even if there is no explicit sexual content? Share your thoughts with your friends and in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check out DIA’s MV below and support the other members as well.

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