The Best 7 K-Pop Related Things To Do After Quarantine Ends

Quarantine will probably be the most used or searched word of 2020 – hands down! However, we should think more positively and look past all this. It is time to plan our quarantine-free future.


Now fortunately for us in this day and age of technology, there are a lot of ways we can enjoy Korean culture online! From steaming the best Korean Dramas on Netflix to ordering our favorite Korean makeup from online stores – the possibilities are endless~ However, there are some activities better enjoyed in person! Check em out below and let us know which one is on your to-do list!

Apply For A K-Pop Academy 

You spent all that time indoors doing K-Pop TikTok challenges and hopefully watching enough dramas to be fluent by now. So why not take your skills to the next level and sign up for a K-Pop academy? Sites like HabKorea offer programs, insight, and many results from attending their extraordinary programs right in the heart of Seoul! It is the most unforgettable experience of a lifetime~

Join a K-Pop Dance Cover Group or Class

Not enough money to join an academy and aren’t ready to go the serious route? Perhaps a class or large cover group is for you! Believe it or not, especially due to the popularity of K-Pop and dance trends, there are many K-Pop meet up and dance groups available. Take IHeartDance, for example, you can start your next K-Pop routine in a heartbeat!

Cooking K-BBQ

That face you make when you see that delicious galbi coming!

Of course, you can cook Korean food at home and even recreate that (most likely) failed attempt at making Dalgona coffee! However, there is nothing like eating out at a fine restaurant and enjoying some grilled meats over a fresh glass of soju! Hope you saved up some money!

Go To A K-Pop Concert

Finally, we can attend a K-Pop concert! Although there were many online concerts that proved to be quite the success, plus we have KCON:TACT on the way, but the point of a concert is to experience your favorite artist live in person! So, start wiping the dust off of your favorite light sticks and pre-order some tickets!

Go To Language Exchange


Now that we are free from quarantine, we cannot forget our other obligations. It is important to have fun and enjoy life (not that studying a new language is so daunting) but it is time to get our brains active too! Join a language exchange club and meet some like-minded friends you can chat with about K-Pop and more. 화이팅! If all else fails, try ordering our favorite book to learn Korean – The K-Pop Dictionary! 

Sing A Song At Karaoke

When you try to sing but remember you can’t so you drink and watch instead!

You’ve been practicing… right? Remember that meme about everyone in quarantine going out to a field and screaming at the top of their lungs? Yea, now is the time! Let us karaoke and sing to all the new releases that came out during our hibernation!

Visit A Korean Bakery

I mean, if you need a place to meet up for your language exchange or looking for some dessert after that delicious K-BBQ, hit up a Korean bakery! Places like Tours Le Jours and Paris Baguette offer a wide variety of trending items from Korea!

Now that you have a plethora of activities and resources on a silver platter being handed to you, which will you try first? Don’t forget to let your friends in on the fun too and share this list with your bestie!

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