SG Ent Reveals The Life of K-Pop Trainees in Live Q+A Show

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a trainee at a K-Pop company? Curious of what sort of advice you could receive and what secrets could be revealed?

Whether you are an idol in the making or a trainee currently, now is your chance to have your questions answered LIVE with SG Entertainment. The company is set to hold a Instagram Live Q+A Trainee show on October 15th, 11 AM KST (10 PM EST). 


If you do not know about SG Entertainment, you should do yourself a favor and start learning! The first foreign-owned entertainment company is based in Hongdae, Korea – the novelty city filled with creative trends, flashy styles and aspiring idols busking on the streets in Seoul. The company has held various live auditions and currently has 3 trainees under their belt who are set to debut some time this year. 


The company and it’s artists have even worked alongside popular producers such as Ducky – who are responsible for the works of veteran singer Lena Park. Check out the video below of trainee Yerin showcasing her vocal talents!

So, ready to have all your questions and other interesting topics shared on October 15th? Don’t forget to mark your calendar and check out SG ENT’s Instagram Live Stream at 11 AM KST for the event of a life time! 

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