ITZY Announce FANFIA Live Stream Event For Fans

Ever-growing in popularity, sensational girl group ITZY have announced their new way of engaging wih fans by preparing an exciting live stream event this month!

Alongside hello82, a popular platform which has curated countless fun and K-Pop fan-oriented content, ITZY will take on the challenge of playing ‘FANFIA’ May 11th, 12PM KST / 11PM EST. Together, ITZY and their fans, MIDZY, are on a mission to find the mafia members during hello82’s fan-driven twist on the classic deception game – “FANFIA.” During the game, K-pop superstars ITZY will guess which one of them is in the mafia, and MIDZY will be the ones to decide if they will kill or save the ITZY members.

“FANFIA” is a live interactive game where fans and K-pop idols work together in real time to find the mafia. Now, hello82 proudly welcomes the second guests for this game, ITZY and MIDZY. Check out an episode down below!

What do you think of this fun game? Are you excited to play with ITZY and other fans across the globe? Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win some fun merch by checking out the details down below!

Available ONLY at fans will be able to purchase an ITZY album that includes: 

  • One Random Photo Card (only found inside the albums sold by hello82). 
  • A chance at a mini poster signed by a member of ITZY. 

NOTE: Not all of the albums sold by hello82 will have a signed mini poster but will get a random chance to get  ITZY’s signed mini poster in limited quantity. hello82 is the only source for fans to get their hands on one. 

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends! We look forward to seeing you there~

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