VICTON’s Hanse Shocks Fans With Korean Drag Queens in Solo Debut MV ‘Take Over’

Do Hanse, the main rapper and lead dancer of VICTON’s 7-member boy group that debuted back in 2016, currently released his solo mv for ‘Take Over’ on his birthday and did not disappoint!

While fans are completely baffled by the complete style change (both musically and visually), fans also couldnt help but notice the LGBTQIA+ representation Hanse included in his debut MV for “Take Over.” The very deep-toned, club-EDM techno sound track includes 4 of Korea’s most famous drag queens with NANA Youngrong Kim being the most noticable (and infamous) among the four. Check out the strange visuals and unique return of Hanse below!

NANA supported Hanse by sharing clips from his MV on her official Instagram, which Hanse also shared on his personal account as well. Many people in the K-Pop scene, including the LGBTQIA+ community, were happy to see Drag artists featured in the MV and commended Hanse for his dazzling promotion of the lovely queens throughout his video.

In Korea, it is still quite uncommon for people to experience, let alone know, what a Drag Queen is. With the lack of representation, it makes it hard for Korea to become a forward-thinking country. However, artists like Hanse are doing their part to share awareness on the screen through fun images and unique music.


But this isn’t the first time a K-Pop MV featured Drag Queens. Girls’ Generation’s “All Night” MV and Cheetah’s “My Number” also featured stunning visuals and performances from Drag Queens. Perhaps fans of K-Pop can expect to see more and more friendly LGBTQIA+ oriented content in the future? Fingers crossed! The MV is at roughly 900,000 views but let us see if it can get 1 Million~

What did you think of Hanse’s return to the stage with his refreshing new style? His most eye-catching things, aside from his attractive vocals, are definitely his high-end fashion styles! Don’t forget to share a comment of what you loved the most down below and with your friends.


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